People always ask me, “Should I wait to buy real estate?”

There are a number of variations of this question that I hear all the time, including:  “Should I wait until the market improves?” and “Should I wait until interest rates get better?”

I most often get these questions when I’m out showing properties to buyers. And the same thing happens time and time again. Buyers are struck with analysis paralysis. They find a home they love only to become nervous about how market conditions may impact their purchase.

“Hesitation could mean losing out on your dream home.”

Buyers who were ready to buy one moment are too afraid to do so the next. But buyers in this situation are forgetting an important factor. At any given moment, there are a number of other buyers out there who are likely looking at the exact same listing—buyers who are willing, ready, and able to act. Hesitation could mean losing out on your dream home.

Today’s buyers must be mentally prepared to tackle our aggressive market. There’s simply no time to sleep on decisions. So when buyers ask me whether they can or should wait to make their move, the answer I give them is “No.” In our current competitive market, waiting isn’t an option.

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